BMW M5 gets hybrid version


The German manufacturer BMW will offer a hybrid modification of the new generation of the inflated M5 sedan and will stop production of the extreme M2 CSL coupe. This is reported by the Bimmer Post, which reveals information about the Bavarians’ intentions.

The new BMW M5 (F90) was released earlier this year. The company has not yet begun delivering the 600 horsepower, but is already working on its new modification. It will be called the BMW M5 Competition, with a hybrid drive and will be available in the summer of 2018.

Details of the power unit of the model are not revealed. It is not clear how the Bavarians will electrify the sedan, but they are supposed to use the so-called “soft hybrid”. This starter-generator delivers extra power at low revs and helps accelerate from a place.

Meanwhile, BMW plans to give up production of the extreme M2 CSL coupe. The reason is that the company is preparing the release of two other versions of the M2 – BMW M2 Competition and BMW M2 CS, the first of which will be presented in the middle of 2018.

The appearance of the two new modifications makes the expensive BMW M2 CSL superfluous and the Bavarians will close the project.

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