Dodge Challenger become hybrid in its latest generation

Dodge Challenger

The legendary coupe Dodge Challenger become hybrid in its newest generation.

The model urgently needs renewal, as its current generation (third consecutive) was released in 2008. However, it is sold well, with a total of 66,176 units in 2018. According to the information so far, the popular coupe will teach hybrid drive next year.

the company do not provide many details on the subject but revealed that the current Challenger platform will be replaced with a new one that will be lighter and will use the latest technology. Accordingly, there will be room for an electric motor to help the gasoline engine.

Most likely, Dodge Challenger will receive a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with electric turbines. Together with the electric motor, it will develop over 400 hp. The price of the hybrid Dodge Challenger for the United States is already outlined – start at 30,000 USD.

“Technology does not stay in one place and evolves. Our models have to do the same. A new platform for the sports coupĂ© will allow for weight loss and an electric motor that will make the Dodge Challenger an even more successful model”, said the CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Michael Manley.

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