Mazda MX-5 tuning by BBR

Mazda MX-5 tuning by BBR

The Mazda MX-5 has become an icon not because of its high power. But a number of model owners are looking for this, trusting the services of tuning companies. Now horse lovers can take advantage of another such package. It is the work of BBR and definitely deserves attention.

One of the main tasks of British tuners was to achieve higher power, but without using a turbo. According to BBR people, the forced-fill system is the easiest way to achieve higher performance, but such a solution would give the car a totally different attitude and feel. And this is something that the familiar with the model would not like.

That is why the tuners have focused on improving the intake and exhaust systems, installing new software for electronic motor control and improving a number of mechanical components.

The Tuning Company offers 3 levels of upgrading. The first one optimizes the performance of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine up to 205 hp. and 244 Nm, requiring an investment of just 2795 GBP. Standard engine generates 160 hp and 200 Nm.

The second level includes a stainless steel exhaust system, offering 215 hp. and 248 Nm. Here the price of the package is increased by 890 GBP.

The price of the third level is not reported, but it is clear that its power reaches 225 hp or an increase of 65 hp.

The BBR have also prepared a number of additional components, including Koni coil drivers and more powerful brakes.

If 225 hp you still find it a little for a light cabriolet, see Flyin ‘Miata’s work. She stakes on the V8 engine with 530 hp, but it costs more than 90,000 USD.

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