Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster

An image of the fastest and most powerful model of Lamborghini – Aventador SVJ Roadster, was published in Instagram. However, there is still no information as to whether it is an official photograph or a renderer, as the whitesse blogger who posted it also does not confirm that it is a press release.

According to the preliminary information from Lamborghini, this variant of the Aventador will receive a forged version of the 12-cylinder 6.5-liter engine that is used in the model, but its power will now be 800 horsepower. Naturally, active aerodynamics (the same package as the Huracan Performante), modernized transmission and more carbon elements in the design will be available to allow weight reduction on the SVJ Roadster.

For the last time in Lamborghini they used the designation J in the model specification for the 700 horsepower, which was assembled in just one specimen.

For the first time, SVJ was introduced to Lamborghini in the 1970s, when the company was preparing a “more sporty” version of the Miura, meeting the requirements of Appendix J of the FIA ​​Sporting Rules, which generally applies to serial cars . At present, six Miura SVJ specimens are produced by Lamborghini.

The Aventador SV is powered by a 750 horsepower engine, the latest in the production series released last summer. Now the most powerful model of Lamborghini is the Centenario with 770 horsepower.

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