Ford Rhino GX tuning

Ford Rhino GX tuning

The California Company – U.S. Specialty Vehicles (USSV), specializing in the manufacture of SUVs, presented a luxurious modification of its Rhino GX model. It is called Executive and is built on the heavy Ford F-450 pickup.

The brutal machine is equipped with a second row of seats and a 40-inch TV. The rear seats have leg rests for the passengers and are separated by an armrest fitted with a touch panel. It is designed to control the car’s multimedia system.

Against an additional charge, the client receives a panoramic roof and a satellite TV system. The rear row of seats is separated from the front with a special barrier and passengers can communicate with the driver via an intercom.

There are two power units for the SUV – 6.7-liter diesel V8 and 6.8-liter petrol V10. The gearbox in both cases is a 5-speed automatic. The Rhino GX Executive also includes 20-inch wheels with tire tread, rear hydraulic suspension and upgraded cross-resistance stabilizers.

Interestingly, the USSV does not report the prices of its creation, specifying only that the SUV will be made only on pre-order. US customers have to pay 25% of the deposit as well as 50% from other countries.

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