Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck car for Dakar Rally

Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck

The latest evolution of the Toyota HiLux racing car features a mid-engine and a new geometry of the Dakar Rally Suspension. The power comes from an atmospheric V8 engine that will be fitted with a 37 mm air stop.

“The FIA ​​is working hard to try to balance performance turbodiesel cars and those with atmospheric V8, like ours”, explains the team leader of Toyota Gazoo Racing SA, Glyn Hall. “This is a continuous process and none of the camps will be fully satisfied with the rules, but we have no choice but to stick to their rules. The smaller limiter will probably play against us, but because of the lower altitude in Peru we can catch up”, added he.

The V8 engine is borrowed from the previous car as well as the gearbox and most of the parts. For 2019, however, it has better suspension and more power. This will help Toyota ToyHiLux in Dakar 2019, as most of the competition will be held on soft sand in southern and central Peru.

“Dakar is a day-to-day event and you should never expect an easy race”, said Glyn Hall. “But our car has been much more sophisticated over the past two years, and we have every reason to be confident when it comes to South America”, added he.

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