Lamborghini Urus gets an additional SUV package

Lamborghini Urus

The Italian crossover Lamborghini Urus has received an additional SUV package that should make it even more popular on the global markets. And if the machine could boast impressive dynamic features – acceleration to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 306 km/h, it already has a pretty decent opportunity to cope with heavier terrain.

The SUV includes reinforced steel bumpers as well as new exhaust pipes of the same metal and roof rails. In addition, on the underside of Urus are placed additional stainless steel plates that protect the machine. It can also boast an increased angle of attack to an obstacle and exit from it – respectively 27.9 and 28.3 degrees.

The engineer of the Italian manufacturer has also increased the ground clearance of the crossover, which is 248 mm. This is achieved thanks to the use of a pneumatic system that changes education according to road conditions. Added safety features on the bottom of the vehicle.

Lamborghini Urus will have 6 modes of movement while in the standard model they are 4. The new ones are Terra and Sabbia, the first one allows to overcome an obstacle with increased safety, even when the terrain is very uneven. The second is only used for sand or gravel.

The package also includes a special window-cleaning system, when a lot of dirt builds up on it. Thanks to it, the driver has better visibility even under severe driving conditions.

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