BMW M850i tuning by Manhart

BMW M850i tuning

The premiere of the BMW M8 is approaching and all the car lovers are waiting for it, but the tuning studio Manhart have introduced something close to that – an inflated version of the M850i.

Currently, the BMW M850i ​​sits on the top of the 8-Series range and although has M in the name, it is not a complete M model. The car is equipped with 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 with 523 hp and a torque of 750 Nm and many people consider that it needs nothing more. However, Manhart thinks differently.

The modifications of BMW M850i ​​start with the engine and include a software optimization suite that boosts power to 621 hp and torque to 870 Nm. Probably these figures will be smaller in the upcoming M8 and M8 Competition, so they have to be more than enough for even the biggest enthusiasts.

After taking care of the engine, Manhart turned their attention to the exterior of the coupe. For this purpose, H&R springs have been added along with a 21-inch set of wheels. We also see four carbon exhaust pipes, a small rear spoiler and a front splitter again from carbon fibre. The visual changes are completed with golden graphics. However, these accents are not mandatory.

Manhart does not issue data on its modified BMW M850i, but the car will inevitably reach 100 km/h in 3 seconds.

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