Maserati Ghibli Ribelle

Maserati Ghibli Ribelle

Italian company Maserati announced the emergence of a new model – Ribelle. It will be launched in Europe at the end of the month and will be produced exactly 200 units. The car is an improved modification of the Ghibli model.

Ribelle has a very aggressive appearance, thanks to its black color, the 19-inch wheels with red brakes, tinted glasses as optional as well as customizable Matrix headlamps.

The interior, similar to the exterior, is made in gray, black and red, the seats are sporty and lined with leather. It is complemented by the powerful Harman Kardon audio system. There is also a special plaque – “Ribelle one of 200”, which reminds the proud owner what kind of car he has bought. Increased sound and heat insulation ensure the car is used in virtually every region of the world, the company said.

The weakest engine of the “rebel” (so is the name of a model in Italian translation) is the turbodiesel V6 with 275 horsepower. The Maserati Ghibli Ribelle will also be available with two gasoline engines that develop 350 and 430 hp.

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