ZAZ-965 tuning

ZAZ-965 tuning front

In the Russian city of Penza, a very unusual tuning of ZAZ-965 has emerged, which has made the locals feel astonished. ZAZ Zaporozhets attracts attention every time someone comes in or out of the car.

The point is that this car has been given a “gull-wing” lifting door. What’s more – they are equipped with an electric drive like the Tesla Model X, and they are lifted and released for 15 seconds.

In fact, the tuning of the ZAZ is not limited to the doors. The vehicle has inflated fenders, alloy wheels, and a chrome grille front and rear. All of these things are also very impressive.

ZAZ-965 tuning

The interior is upholstered in leather and the new instrument panel is made in retro style. Sport seats are fitted, and in order to make it more comfortable for the driver to enter and exit the car, it rotates.

The unique “sports” Zaporozhets is equipped with an engine of VAZ-2108, and the radiator is from Lada Niva. It has also the rear suspension and the steering (although the servo is from Lada Priora). The front suspension is made from details of various Lada models.

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