VW Golf Mk8

VW Golf Mk8

Volkswagen recently announced the next Golf Mk8 2020, although the car is in an advanced phase of development.

Nevertheless, it seems that it was caught during tests in South Africa and without camouflage. Does VW Golf 2020 really stand before us, or is this some kind of video fitting?

Above all, this supposed VW Golf Mk8 looks with a refined design from the front and rear. It is noticeable that the model is very low and has huge rims. Of course, we could also look at the GTI or R version in early form, but it can not be a tuning project either. Until official confirmation comes from the company, we do not have to confirm anything.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen continues testing the Golf Mk8. The model will come into production in June and is expected to mark its official premiere in the third quarter of 2019.

In addition to the revised exterior and interior, the new Volkswagen Golf will have a slightly longer wheelbase than the current version. This will automatically turn the cabin into more spacious, perhaps focusing on improving the rear space.

The quality of plastics and other materials is expected to increase, and why not the popular compact car to get both semi-autonomous driving systems and hybrid engines.

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