Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

Volkswagen introduced a new top-of-the-line version of its Golf GTI, which has received a TCR supplement. The hatchback is equipped with an exclusion limiter at the maximum speed and this makes it the fastest model of the brand that can be used on public roads.

The machine was shown to fans of the brand, who gather annually at the Austrian lake W├Ârthersee. The hot hatch is equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine with 290 kW and 370 Nm of torque available at 1600 rpm. The same engine of the standard Golf GTI develops 230 hp and the Performance – 245 version.

The gearbox is a 7-speed robotic with two clutches. The maximum speed of the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR is electronically limited to 250 km/h, but the limiter can be removed and the car develops 264 km/h.

Acceleration time 0 to 100 km/h is not reported. It is known that the basis of the new version is the race car of the TCR championship, where the power of the power unit is 350 hp.

The car is also equipped with a self-locking front axle differential, advanced suspension with 20 mm reduced ground clearance, 19-inch alloy wheels and new braking mechanisms to handle the increased power.

The most powerful Golf GTI continues to be the modification of the Clubsport S, with the engine developing 310 hp. This car came out in a series of 400 units, distinguished by the lack of rear seats (instead of a safety carcass), as well as with the smaller battery and special mode of adaptive suspension.

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