Volkswagen develops budget Golf Lite

Volkswagen Golf Lite

The eighth generation of Volkswagen Golf may offer the fans of the popular model its cheaper and more modestly equipped version, carrying the working name Lite. This decision is entirely based on the German giant’s marketing specialists, who believe that VW should offer a simpler and less technologically advanced version of Golf.

The main group of buyers to whom the new Volkswagen Golf Lite will be targeting are the German retirees looking for a new car, as well as the customers for whom it will be the first car. One reason for creating Volkswagen Golf Lite is the reluctance of this group of customers to buy Up or Polo.

It is assumed that Volkswagen Golf Lite will be positioned between Dacia and Skoda on the German market – more expensive than the most expensive version of Dacia Logan and Sandero and at the same time commensurate with the price of Skoda models with more modest equipment.

It is expected that the Volkswagen Golf Lite will have a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder gasoline turbo engine that naturally will not provide impressive performance, but its strengths will be low fuel consumption and long life.

Still, Volkswagen Golf Lite project is not officially confirmed, and some analysts are of the opinion that this version may even get a design that is more modest and different from that of the new generation of the model.

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