The most expensive SUV

most expensive SUV

The modern big and luxury SUVs was confirmed at the Los Angeles Motor Show, where visitors saw the most expensive car in this class. It is called Karlmann King, created by the Chinese company IAT. At the heart of the car is the Ford F-550.

The cost of the basic version of the SUV is 2 million USD, but with extra equipment, it can jump nearly 2 times – up to 3.8 million USD, which is equivalent to the cost of the most expensive supercar. For this money the client receives an armored machine weighing about 6 tons.

Under the hood of this monster is placed 6.8-litre V8 engine, which develops a power of 400 hp. These parameters allow the Karlmann King to reach a maximum speed of 140 km/h. In the interior, everything is very luxurious – ranging from comfortable armchairs to a retractable modern TV. There is also a small fridge and coffee machine.

The creators of the car already accept orders for the car, with the production of 25 units now. The IAT company claims that they are ready to satisfy even more demand from customers on the SUV, but each item will only be made on prepaid prepayments.

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