Tesla stops supplying the cheapest modifications of Model S and Model X

Tesla model x

The US electric carmaker Tesla has decided to stop supplying the most affordable modifications of Model S and Model X, which are equipped with a 75 kW/h battery. As announced in its Twitter blog, the orders for these machines will be accepted by Sunday, January 13th.

The price of the Tesla Model S with 75 kW/h battery starts at 66,700 USD, while Model X prices start at 72,950 USD. Now the brand’s range will only be equipped with batteries with 100 kW/h. In this case, Model S costs a minimum of 84,750 USD and Model X starts at 87,950 USD.

The company’s most affordable model – the Model 3, which is available since 2017, which has a mileage of 418 km on a single charge, is available for 45,000 USD, but the top-of-the-range version costs 78,000 USD. In March, production of a cheaper Model 3 version should begin. It will cost 35,000 USD, with a mileage of 320 km.

By the end of 2019, Tesla must present a more affordable Crossover model – Model Y. It will use the Model 3 platform and its price will start at 42,000 USD.

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