Range Rover got 6-wheel tuning

Range Rover got 6-wheel tuning

Berlin-based Greek designer Theodoros Fotiadis, creator of T. Fotiadis Design, decided to develop a special “accessory” for the owners of expensive yachts. His work may well appeal to barbers who somehow have to get from the airport to their yachts, to tour the town where their expensive toy has been anchored and then get back to the airport. Though Theodoros Fotiadis has never been involved with automobiles, but has specialized in the design of seagoing vessels, his car looks decent.

He has added a third axis to the Range Rover tuning, resulting in the length of this SUV up 6.2 m. The width is 2.13, and the height is 1.85 m. Behind the saloon has appeared the cargo compartment designed to carry luggage, which means that in fact Theodoros Fotiadis made a SUV pickup from the SUV, albeit a little unformed. The Greek designer has named his creation T. Theodoros Fotiadis Superyacht Land Tender Range Rover 6×6. His official debut will be at the yacht exhibition in Monaco in September.

As you can expect, the salon is built to the highest standards – expensive leather and wood, folding tables, a small wine cellar, LCD backlights for passengers and a Wi-Fi access point. It is still unclear what kind of engine the car is going to offer, but it is likely to be either a 5-liter V8 with a mechanical compressor and 525 hp power, or a 4.4-liter turbo diesel that develops 339 hp. So far, there is no indication of how much this 6-wheel “accessory” will cost, but considering the range of potential buyers, its price will certainly make a big impression.

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