Parradine 430

Parradine 430

The history of the brand Parradine began in the mid-1980s when John Parradine founded a Deltayn company to produce Pegasus kits based on Jaguar XJ. In 1987, it became the Parradine Motor Company PLC, which offers the same Pegasus model but no longer in the form of the kits, but as a luxury class roadster more suitable for TVR.

Four years later, in 1991, the production stopped. According to some announcements for this period, the company managed to make only 25 cars. In 1998, however, it miraculously reborn under the name JJR Automotive Ltd. The first car of the resurgent brand is the stylish roadster Parradine V8S, also known as Parradine 430.

The car is equipped with a 4.6-liter V8 engine from Ford Mustang, which develops 430 hp. The engine is combined with a six-speed manual gearbox from the same Mustang. A year later this unit is equipped with a turbocharger that increases the power of 525 hp. The roadster with this engine is called the Parradine 525 S. This power in a rear-wheel drive and weighing only 1,350 kg, provides excellent road quality. The acceleration from a spot of 96 km/h takes 3.8 seconds and the maximum speed is 328 km/h.

The bodywork is made entirely of polymeric material, under which is a steel frame with its own reinforced alloy construction. The car is “cushioned” in 18-inch tires that provide excellent traction. An interesting fact is that at the beginning, the manufacturer is considering relinquishing a rear-view mirror, believing instead that there will be a camera and a monitor in the serial model.

The price of a car without ABS, traction control systems, and even no airbags, at the start of the century, is 161,000 USD, as much as the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Ferrari 360 Modena. It’s clear why the model’s sales are close to zero. The Parradine 525 S is the company’s last experience to survive, and it is forever sinking into oblivion.

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  1. Hi Svilen

    I am the owner of the paradise 430 pictured. It’s is the only one ever built other than the prototype.
    I have an interesting story as to how it became the only one of its kind, if your interested.


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