Mitsubishi Lancer Edition R of Dytko Sport

Mitsubishi Lancer Edition R

Mitsubishi promised to return the Evo as a crossover, which is so far from our imagination of Evo. However, the Polish company Dytko Sport tuned the Evo XI and created this amazing and really aggressive sports car.

Specializing in Lancer Evo Race Parts and Components, the company decides to build a successor to the Evo X. Working with the UK-based Proto Cars subsidiary, Dytko Sport creates a tuning that meets the requirements and includes the design language of the dynamic Mitsubishi.

It fits well into the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X and can get in official production. And although the Evo X, which is not a bad car at the bottom, it follows very carefully the new Mitsubishi design.

Of course, the Mitsubishi Lancer Edition R of Dytko Sport (this is the official name) can smooth the edges slightly. But the work obviously deserves praise. The car has a new cover, unique bumpers, ceiling air intakes, wide wings, massive rear wing, and diffuser.

The front end is better than the rear, with front lights are similar to Jaguar XE. We do not have any pictures of the interior, but the model seems ready for a full-roller rally, sports front seats and a lack of rear seats. There is still no information on performance improvements, but the 2.0-liter turbo engine has to offer at least 280 hp and to reach 367 hp, depending on the specifications of the donor car.

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