Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross hybrid

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross hybrid

In 2019, the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi will offer a new version of its crossover Eclipse Cross. It will be equipped with an Outlander PHEV aggregate.

The new car will receive one electric motor on each axle and the gasoline engine at 60 km/h will act as a generator that powers the batteries. With fast acceleration and high speed driving, the torque of the internal combustion engine will shift to the front wheels.

The Japanese are also working on the next-generation Outlander, which is due to hit the market by 2021 at the latest. It is already known that the crossover will get a new platform – the Nissan X-Trail (known in some markets as Rogue). This means that when changing generations, the Mitsubishi model will grow in size.

The choice of a new platform is necessary after the ownership change of the company, which is already part of the Renault-Nissan alliance. The new architecture will allow for the cost of developing and manufacturing the model.

It is also known that Mitsubishi intends to offer all-electric modifications to both Outlander and Eclipse Cross.

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