Mercedes W108 280S tuning by Euroways

Mercedes W108 280S tuning

The Mercedes W108 is one of the most legendary limousines in the world. Most of the model owners are among the conservative fans of the brand and we can hardly imagine even a minimal modification of the Mercedes. But always there will be crazy heads, and it is in such hands that the copy of the pictures has fallen.

On the photos, you can see the Mercedes W108 280S. At least that was the original specification of the car.

The W108 280S is a great machine, but if you want to develop 100 km/h it is more likely that your beard will first grow.

Driven probably by this thought, the owner decides to take his car to the Euroways tuners and create the world’s most exhausted W108. The car is equipped with a brand-new 5.3-liter LS engine whose power is not known, but believe it is more than enough for the most perverted acceleration concepts. In addition to the many exterior changes that we could hardly describe, the tuners also feature back-hinged doors. The front spoiler is the BMW E38 Alpina.

The car stands on an adjustable air suspension, and huge monoblock wheels fill the extended slaughterhouses. Once you look at the interior you will see a modern leather and alcantara salon, a lot of carbon details, and a C63 AMG steering wheel. And to make the madness complete, the huge engine is not hiding under a hood, it is driven from the outside, causing turmoil and respect.

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