Mercedes-Maybach Pullman renewed version

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman

Mercedes introduced the updated version of the longest limousine in its model range – Maybach Pullman. The sedan, which is 6.5 meters long, gets a radiator grille like the Maybach S-Class and new color combinations for the interior.

The idea is that this grille should look like a classic suit, and for the first time the company uses this design for the Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept. The Maybach’s top version also features 20-inch 10-inch wheels and a two-color bodywork this coloring is ordered as an option.

At the rear of the passenger compartment, which is separated by an electrical barrier from the first row of seats, there is room for up to four passengers traveling in top luxury conditions. The limousine equipment includes a display connected to the front of the car and an audio system that creates two audible zones, ie the driver and passengers can listen to different music at the same time.

Maybach Pullman is powered by a 6-liter V12 engine with a power of 630 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1000 Nm. The base price of the luxury limousine is 500,000 euros, which is still less than 100,000 euros per meter.

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