Mercedes-Benz W140 S500 Grand Edition

Mercedes-Benz W140 S500 Grand Edition

The Mercedes-Benz W140 S500 Grand Edition is one of those versions you probably have not even heard of. The German company produced only 600 such vehicles in 1999, the last year since the launch of the W140.

Each piece is assembled manually. All produced S500 Grand Edition are painted black only and have received a number of exclusive options. Among them are the 18-inch AMG wheels, leather seats, the S600 hand-stitched steering wheel, natural maple details, curtains on the side and rear windows, and the glowing door thresholds. Another distinctive feature is Obsidian Black and Parchment Nappa leather.

All of these things are over what the owner gets when buying a regular S500. The new Grand Edition is worth $ 89,500, which is $ 2,000 more than the regular S500. And this is entirely justified given the exclusivity of the modification and the number of options added.

It will be a great success to find such a copy for sale. A car is auctioned in California at a starting price of $ 16,000. The amount is not great for such a rare model in poor condition, although the car’s mileage exceeds 160,000 kilometers.

The Mercedes-Benz W140 S500 Grand Edition may not be as cool as the W140 S600, but it’s an easy choice for those who are a good option for the S500 but want to get a number of options available only in the shiny version.

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