Mercedes-Benz SLE Shooting Brake

Mercedes-Benz SLE Shooting Brake

Sales of Mercedes-Benz SL have been steadily declining in recent years, forcing the German manufacturer to dramatically change the concept of its seventh generation.

According to the latest information, Mercedes-Benz intends to rediscover the SL and release it as a performance-focused model similar to AMG GT. To achieve this, AMG will be strongly committed to its development. Likewise, the same modular sports architecture (MSA) will be used as in the new generation AMG GT.

What if Mercedes decided to direct the new SL in a different direction? Designer Emre Husmen offers a different look at how the radically modified SL can look.

Renamed as SLE, the car has an electric drive and the concept has been dramatically altered by a roadster in Shooting Brake. The electric drive will be a significant deviation, but the same can be said of its shape, which will be more practical and spacious.

We have to admit that the design of the hypothetical SLE looks very good. In front, the electric motor allows the traditional grid to be replaced by a large digital display that can be configured to display many different things.

The only similarity between SLE and the current SL is the longer cover. The concept features an elegant and aggressive roofline that may not offer much room for the passengers’ heads, but it certainly looks stunning. In the rear, we see LED tail lights, a narrow window and exhaust system.

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