Mercedes-Benz revealed details of one of the world’s most advanced manufacturing sites

Mercedes-Benz plant

Mercedes-Benz has revealed details of one of the world’s most advanced manufacturing sites – Factory 56. The complex, which will have zero CO2 emissions in 2022, will be equipped with a photovoltaic power supply system and an autonomous transport line. At the same time, the factory will be integrated into a unified information platform integrating component suppliers, manufacturing departments and end customers.

The area of ​​Factory 56 is 220,000 square meters, equivalent to 30 standard football fields. The first sod of the new plant was made in February 2018 and the start of the production line is planned for 2021. The next generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the electric brand EQ models and the future unmanned car brands.

A photovoltaic power supply system is installed on the roof of the complex, with 40% of its area planted with plants. This helps to create a more efficient energy system and a more favorable indoor climate.

The main feature of the new Mercedes-Benz plant is the absence of a traditional conveyor. Its functions will be implemented by TecLines – autonomous transport platforms, allowing most of the time to stay in one place rather than move as it is now. This approach will allow to increase production lines without the need to process the building.

Virtually all operations in Factory 56 will be fully automated, and the usual robustness will be replaced by computer processing. For the delivery of the necessary components, platforms will be used, integrated with an intelligent loading system. It will collect data on the work of the entire plant and deliver materials where they are needed.

As a whole, 300 autonomous transport systems will operate in Factory 56. In the general network, even tools will be included. For example, a wrench will only be delivered when it is needed.

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