Mercedes-Benz extended the length of E-Class

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes-Benz is ready with a new version of the latest generation of the E-Class sedan. It offers an increased distance between the two axes, provided for the Chinese market.

Compared to the standard model, the new version is 140mm longer. Interestingly, all extra millimeters are located between the two axes. Thus the total length of the sedan reaches 5063 mm and the wheelbase is 3079 mm.

Changes in design dimensions have allowed space for rear passengers to increase. In addition to having more space, they also receive additional amenities because this version of the E-Class is more luxurious and with more expensive materials than the standard one. Equipment is also richer.

First of all, the extended E-Class will be available with the 184 hp gasoline engine. of the standard model. By the end of the year, Mercedes-Benz will offer its customers several more versions of the model – a wagon first will appear, followed by another cabriolet and cabriolet.

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