Mazda postponed the debut of RX-9

Mazda RX-9

Mazda has decided to postpone the release of the new version of its new RX-9. The Japanese had planned to show the passenger compartment in 2017 when it was 50 years since the Cosmo Sport was set up. According to Motoring, however, next year we will see only a new concept prototype. And its serial version will not be available until 2020.

The new car will become the successor to the RX-7 and RX-8 shutdowns. The design of the machine will come as close as possible to the concert RX-VISION (pictured) presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in November last year. The serial version, however, will be 200 mm later than the prototype, with a weight of 1400 kg.

Both the concert RX-VISION and the production Mazda CX-9 will get an aggressive design and a car body made of carbon. In the saloon of the car will be expensive leather and decorative elements.

The future coupe will be equipped with a rotor engine that will have to solve 3 of the serious problems of the previous engine. These are the high fuel and oil consumption, low environmental performance and poor torque in the mid range of revolutions. According to preliminary data, the engine power will be around 450 hp.

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