Mazda may not revive its rotor sports car

Mazda RX-8

Mazda really wants to make a successor to its sports car RX-8. However, the company does not think it is now the right time to create such a car.

In a recent interview, the CEO of Mazda, Akira Marumoto, has confirmed this by saying that building a new rotor car is something the company is dreaming about but can not do it right now.

“We have conceptual cars like the RX-Vision or Vision Coupe and often people ask us when they will enter mass production”, said Akira Marumoto. “Making a vehicle driven by a rotary engine – not just being used as an extension of the mileage – is everybody’s dream at Mazda. But now we are not in a business environment where we can begin to build vehicles with rotor engines”, added he.

Hearing about a new rotor sports car has been steadily rolling over the past few years, and various statements by people in the company have kept the hope that the car will appear. Marumoto’s latest comments, however, reject the suggestions that the RX-9 (or whatever its name) is near production.

Earlier, Mazda said the construction of a high-performance rotary engine conforming to current environmental regulations is extremely difficult. Therefore, the new sports car rotor will hardly see green light until the manufacturer has achieved a technological breakthrough with this type of engine.

Nobody knows if and when this can happen. But if it is the next year or five years later, Mazda is likely to be silenced for technology until it is ready to release the new sports car.

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