Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover tested the new remake of its legendary Defender, with prototype photos being published in instagram. The machine is hidden under camouflage, but it can still get clear evidence of what its serial variant would look like.

Removing the body of the prototype, the company has put a huge inscription with a # BEST4X4FAR hatchery, which obviously means “The Most Even SUV for All Time”. Judging by the information so far, the new generation of the model will be completely different from the previous one, with the exception of the tailgate.

Technically the machine will repeat to a great extent the latest generation of Land Rover Discovery. It will have an independent suspension on the wheels, and the company is firmly convinced that the new Defender, by virtue of its qualities, will not give way to its legendary predecessor, whose production was stopped two years ago.

The car will be powered by gasoline and diesel engines. A hybrid option is also planned to enable the model to meet new environmental standards. Electric Defender, however, will not. Instead, a huge number of modifications will be offered – 3-door and 5-door cars, pick-ups and vans with different wheelbases. It does not exclude an open version with a soft roof.

All this will lead to a serious price increase, but this will mainly affect modifications for Europe and North America. These for developing countries will be with the most poor equipment and will therefore be cheaper.

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