Lamborghini Vega

Lamborghini Vega

What would happen if something like Lamborghini Sesto Elemento merged with the Terzo Millennio concept to create a truly compact and futuristic new model? This almost describes Lamborghini Vega, which is an independent yet digital car.

With its very aggressive design, Lamborghini Vega comes with a very short wheelbase, almost without overhangs and a large panorama roof.

No matter how good Huracan is on the track, especially Performante, Lamborghini can build something smaller, lighter and more flexible.

Lamborghini Vega is a small, low and seemingly very wide sports car. The design is impressive, both in the front and rear, where the central exhaust system comes from, which flames come into one of the images.

Does this mean that the hypothetical Lamborghini Vega is powered by an internal combustion engine? According to its designer Grigory Butin, this is actually a hybrid system, although no further technical details are provided.

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