Lamborghini Trono concept

Lamborghini Trono concept

The crazy concepts of Lamborghini are growing rapidly. Each of them strives to impress with aggressiveness, as things go beyond norms. The new concept is called Trono, which means “throne” in Italian, and according to its designers, this must be a hybrid hypercar.

Trono is the result of collaboration between designers Ramandeep Singh, Narendra Singh, and Appu Koshy, and as far as we can see, it closely resembles a combination of the Terzo Millennio and Huracan concepts.

Unlike Terzo Millennio, which is totally futuristic, Lamborghini Trono has a more typical supercar shape and looks rather compact, although it is difficult to determine only the sketches presented.

Let’s take a closer look at the new Trono. Impressions make the Y-shaped headlamps, the well-cut straight edge design, the huge windshield, the massive wheels, and the muscular rear. In the back again we have Y-shaped lights, this time connected to an LED strip.

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