Lada Niva 6×6

Lada Niva 6×6

The unique Lada Niva 6×6 can be a much more affordable alternative to the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6, but the truth is that the two can not be compared

Lada Niva 6×6 costs only 500,000 rubles, which is equivalent to 6,366 EUR. The tuning is based on Lada Niva 2002 with a replacement engine with 150 hp and a heavily modified coupe and chassis.

The small and very primitive SUV has been turned into a pickup with an additional rear axle, making it 6×6. It also has additional lights, a roof rack, side steps, steel front bumper, off-road tires and several other amenities that refine the design and increase its off-road capabilities.

This highly modified Niva is in good condition and everything works well.

This reminds us of another Niva with three axes. However, this project is not yet complete, as its creators still have to figure out a way to transfer the torque to the additional wheels.

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