Lada 4х4 Vision concept

Lada 4х4 Vision

The Russian car company, AutoVaz, presented the long awaited precursor to the new Niva. The LADA 4×4 Vision concept debuted at the Moscow Motor Show and has criticized local social networks.

The design of the three-door SUV is made in the company’s X-Style. Autovaz’s chief designer Steve Matin noted that the car looks dynamic and “muscular”. It should be noted that the X-design features can be traced not only to the front of the car but also to the side. The SUV has a unique radiator grille and the turn signals are integrated into the front bumper.

The new LADA 4×4 Vision features 21-inch wheels, panorama roof, LED lights and high clearance. Despite the significant changes and the modern design, there are still some familiar features from the classical “Niva”, which has not changed 40 years ago. The concept car is equipped with a digital instrument panel with integrated offline and online services. The interior is dominated by eco leather and textiles.

Unfortunately, the technical characteristics of the LADA 4×4 were not disclosed by the manufacturer. It is only known that the serial heir of the concept car will be uploaded on the production line no earlier than 2022.

After the premiere, in the Russian social networks there was a lot of controversy over the car. Most criticism was taken by the futuristic design of the new Niva. It is noted that the model has lost its classic look and is now “one of the many prototypes that have never entered serial production”.

And despite the fact that the prototype is still far from its serial successor, many Russians are already predicting a failure in their sales. They believe that the manufacturer needs to pay more attention to the technical parameters of their models instead of “sticking the X-style where it’s wandering.”

“They did it on Duster’s basis, without a wheelchair differential, greetings to marketers,” wrote a user on one of the local social networks. Moreover, the Russians believe that this level is not the same as before. Which leads to the question of what SUV would buy the local after 2022 – a foreign model or the “new” Lada 4×4?

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