KIA Motors presents solar roof charging technology


KIA Motors presents “solar roof” charging technology for selected models. The solar panels will be integrated into the roof or in the front cover of the vehicle and will support the internal combustion engine, hybrid system or battery of electric cars with extra electricity, reducing fuel consumption and increasing mileage.

The solar powered charging technology has been developed to support the main propulsion unit of the vehicle, extending mileage and reducing CO2 emissions. The system will have the ability to charge the batteries of environmentally friendly electric and hybrid cars, as well as to support the engines of the internal combustion engine, thus helping to improve fuel efficiency.

At present, three types of solar roofing systems are being developed: the first is for hybrids, and second generation technology includes translucent roofs for vehicles powered by ICE. The third generation of technology will integrate a lightweight solar roof for battery-powered electric vehicles.

The first-generation system to be used for hybrid models is made with a structure of silicon solar panels that are integrated into the standard roof of the vehicle. This system can charge the battery at 30 to 60% of its capacity during the day, depending on meteorological conditions.

The second generation of the solar roof system will be used for the first time in the world. The semi-transparent panels can be integrated into a panoramic roof that allows light to enter the cabin while charging the vehicle’s battery. Applying solar power systems to ICE cars will help them meet increasingly stringent global standards limiting CO2 emissions.

The third-generation system is currently in a testing period. It is designed to be installed in the roof and the front cover of electric cars with a rechargeable battery to generate the maximum amount of energy to deliver.

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