Jeep develops shorter compact SUV


The FCA develops a compact SUV that will be 40 centimeters shorter than the Jeep Renegade, and will be comparing to the Suzuki Jimny model.

“We are now very close to creating a model that will be smaller than Renegade”, said Mike Manley, head of the Detroit Free Press.

The new model will be 3.8 meters long and will use the FCA Mini platform, expected to be the “evolution” of the FIAT Panda Cross project. It is expected that Jeep will offer the new car on the market with front-wheel drive and 4×4 for its more expensive version.

The major markets of the new Jeep SUV will be in Europe and the countries where compact off-road vehicles are popular. In SUV models up to 4 meters in length, only two Suzuki models – Jimny and Ignis – are available in Europe.

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