Honda Civic tuning with V6 engine and bodykit for Hillclimb

Honda Civic tuning

We have seen thousands of extravagant tuning projects based on the Honda Civic 5th generation, but this one definitely exceeds even our boldest expectations.

The Honda received the V6 engine from the Acura TL Type S with a large Garrett turbocharger. In the front of the car, you will immediately notice a huge splitter taken from a Hillclimb racing car and gripped directly to the passenger compartment. At a speed of 144 km/h only it has a pressure equal to 226 kilograms. Other aerodynamic changes are inflating, bigger thresholds, rear diffuser and spoiler.

As for the interior, it is virtually missing. The Civic has only one sports seat, mileage, and white roller coasters.

The owner of the car plans to take part in Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

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