German company e.Go Mobile revealed cheap budget urban electric vehicle

eGo mobile

The German company e.Go Mobile has shown a new compact and inexpensive urban electric vehicle. Its main advantage is the price. Of course, no one can beat the many Chinese manufacturers at a low price for such cars. In this case, however, perhaps it is the most promising global electric vehicle.

By size, the German development is almost as much as the Fiat 500. The design of the car is a bit amateur, of course, but it looks pretty clean and even sporty. The interior is simple but the car can accommodate four people.

The cost of the basic e.Go Life 20 starts at 15,900 EUR. For this money, the car is equipped with an electric motor with 27 hp and a 14.9 kWh battery. The mileage of the vehicle is 121 km. The next version, e.Go Life 40, costs 17,400 EUR, offering a power of 54 hp and a 17.9 kWh battery that provides a 142 km mileage.

The most expensive electric car of the brand is e.Go Life 60, which base price is 19,900 EUR. The power of the engine is 80 hp and the capacity of the battery is 23.9 kWh. This version is capable of driving 184 km on a single charge. It is true that the measurements are performed within the old NEDC certificate, so the manufacturer even gives more realistic data on the urban urban maximum range for each version: 104, 124 and 158 km, respectively.

The company has already received 3200 pre-orders, but further requests are suspended until the start of the proceedings (March 2019). If everything goes according to plan, production volumes are expected to reach 100,000 electric vehicles per year by 2022.

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