General Motors presented its new development strategy

General Motors cadilac

General Motors presented its new development strategy, which will feature the luxury Cadillac brand. It will become the leading brand in the battle for customers in the electric segment, which includes the creation of a completely new platform.

The manufacturer’s plans include Cadilac to present the first model built on the all-new BEV3 electric platform. It will build 20 new electric cars that have to be ready by 2023. And the first serial Cadilac will go on sale in 2021.

So far, there is no telling what the model will be – an SUV or sedan, but GM’s president, Mark Reuss, was determined that it would be a very luxury car. The new BEV3 platform will be flexible enough to be able to produce 11 types of vehicles from compact crossovers and sedans to full-size 7-seaters and minibusses.

In addition, over the next two years, GM will double the resources earmarked for the production of electric cars and for the development of autonomous mobility technologies. They will also play an important role in the development of American power models.

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