Centur Security modified armoured version of Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Mexican company Centur Security introduced a modified version of the Tesla Model X. The electric crossover became an armoured car suitable for oligarchs and lawmakers. The company claims that anyone can get their armoured Tesla for only 12 weeks after making an order.

The Mexican company Centur Security specializes in improving vehicle safety. The company’s designers replaced the crossover liner with the bulletproof Acero and Neoflex materials. Instead of ordinary glass, the Tesla Model X received protective Vidrio. So the car can withstand a few calibre shots, including 44 Remington Magnum.

However, during the modification of the car, Mexican engineers faced a huge problem – the weight of the electric car directly affected the mileage. As a result of the Tesla Model X armour, it became heavier with 250 kg, which reduced its mileage by 3-5%. Modification of the vehicle costs 45,000 USD, excluding the cost of the electric crossover itself.

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