BMW X8 rumours were released before the Bavarians presented their serial X7 flagship. According to the BMW Blog, the idea of ​​launching such a car has been approved by the company’s leadership and will be released in public in 2020.

The future BMW X8 (production code G09) will be available only with 4 seats – with 2 luxury rear seats, using the X7 platform, but will be more luxurious and more sophisticated. This is projected to be the most expensive model of BMW, with a cost of more than 160,000 EUR. For comparison, at the moment the top of the BMW range is the i8 Roadster – 155,000 EUR, while the base X7 starts at 84,300 EUR.

It is still unclear with the engines of the future luxury SUV will be, but it is unlikely that it will get a 12-cylinder engine. BMW have gradually begun to give up this type of engines, although it is set on Rolls-Royce models. There are rumours that among the facelifted BMW 7-Series will remain without its 6.6-litre V12 with 609 hp and 800 Nm, and if they are confirmed, this should mean that the future X8 will not be available with such a unit.

In this case, the new crossover of BMW will receive the 4.4-litre V8, which can be increased to over 600 hp. BMW’s idea is to compete with the large Mercedes-Maybach SUV, the top-of-the-range Range Rover, and the future Audi Q9 (if it still appears). Bentley Bentayga is also targeting.

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