BMW Vision iNEXT

BMW Vision iNEXT

The BMW Group used the Los Angeles Motor Show to present its new vision of the vehicles of the future – BMW Vision iNEXT. The German manufacturer is firmly convinced that this is not just a car, but the platform from which the whole company and all the brands will benefit from the technology, layout, and new thinking.

For the first time, all the strategic innovation directions of the BMW Group are combined into one car: Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services (ACES). The design complements these innovative strands (D+ACES) and provides an answer to the question of what the joy of driving will look like in the future.

In BMW Vision iNEXT, the driver has more freedom to decide how he will use his time in the car while driving. The layout of the interior is becoming more and more important, and at the same time is increasingly focused on comfort. The BMW Vision iNEXT with an electric drive is shaped like a mobile space that offers a quality of life and meets the need for a new “favorite place”.

The interior of BMW Vision iNEXT is dominated by sparse, clear lines, geometry, and colors. The combination of textiles and wood provides a look inspired by the furniture design and gives it a special boutique character. The predominant colors in the interior are Purus Rose, brown and beige, with accents of metallic flashing Mystic Bronze. In the back, there is the exquisite fleece fabric Enlighted Cloudburst, jacquard woven fabric that passes asymmetrically from the seat surfaces to the side panels and the rear stand.

In the future, intelligent technologies will help people become more and more unobtrusive. In BMW Vision iNEXT, these technologies remain invisible in the background (Shy Tech) and are activated only when needed or when the driver and passengers want it. There is now almost no need for displays and buttons. Functions can be controlled through wood or textile surfaces – in BMW Vision iNEXT with jacquard textiles. In this way, the overall driving of the vehicle is directed to the needs of the individual.

The innovations are also visible in the exterior of BMW Vision iNEXT. Immediately recognizes the new language of shapes of BMW i-Series with its distinctive lines and clear shapes whose voluminous molded surfaces stretch as muscles to the sides. This is accentuated by the spectacular Liquid Greyrose Copper varnish, which flows from warm honey to a dark rose – a feature of pure dynamics. BMW’s four-eyed face with BMW Vision iNEXT is in a modern interpretation with very narrow headlamps while the rear view mirrors are replaced by cameras.

The windscreen flows smoothly into a large panoramic roof, so the car body looks gentle and the innovative interior looks good outside. The large horizontal surfaces and lines in the rear provide a wide and dynamic posture. Narrow, characteristic rear lights reach inside the rear.

The aerodynamic qualities of the BMW Vision iNEXT are optimized by the roof and the diffuser, which is underlined by light elements. As an aesthetic and highly functional design element, the diffuser improves not only aerodynamics but also increases the electric range of the vision vehicle. Inspired by motorsports, he also highlights the typical sporting emission of a BMW – without any exhaust pipes.

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