BMW M8 will be released in two versions


BMW M8 is scheduled to be launched in 2019, with the premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March. According to the latest information, the carmaker will show at once two versions of the car – the standard M8 and M8 Competition, which will feature some elements and gain more power.

BMW M8 Competition will be fitted with original 20-inch alloy wheels and a complementary package of carbon-fiber aerodynamic elements. These include air ducts, exterior mirror housings, and an additional diffuser spoiler. The roof of this modification will be made of carbon. The M8 exhaust pipes will be round, while the standard model is trapezoidal.

The interior of the BMW M8 Competition will feature a non-standard gearbox selector as well as a pair of M1 and M2 keys. They are borrowed from the BMW M5 sports sedan, changing the driving modes. Both versions of the future BMW M8 will receive a four-wheel drive system M xDrive, which will only be able to switch to rear-wheel drive (2WD).

So far, there are only preliminary engine data. The manufacturer has already announced that the BMW M8 will rely on “more than 600 hp”. If at the M5 Competition twin-turbo V8 sedan, the 4.4-liter engine develops 625 hp and 750 Nm, the less expensive BMW M8 will get less power. Probably the standard version of the sports car will have 625 hp, and the BMW M8 Competition will rely on at least 650 hp.

There is no clarity about prices, but the media in Germany predict that at the starting price of the usual BMW 8-Series of 100,000 EUR, the M8 will cost at least 180,000 EUR. And that means the BMW M8 Competition will be even more expensive. In addition to a coupe, the future BMW M8 will also be available as a convertible and Gran Coupe.

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