BMW does not plan to develop 9-Series


The BMW model range is quite large, starting from the 1-Series and ends with the latest and most advanced 8-Series flagship. And although the number of models is rising steadily, the boundary will still have a limit.

The head of the research and development department of BMW, Klaus Frohlich, said that BMW does not have any plans for a car over the current 8-Series. In this way, Frohlich refuted the allegations that the Bavarians are preparing an even more luxurious and technological model – 9-Series.

“I do not think anyone needs 9-Series”, commented Klaus Frohlich. “In the segment of representative cars, customers need 3 cars – a crossover, a sedan, and an emotional sports car. We have all three – the X7, 7-Series, and 8-Series. Moreover, sales volumes in this segment are comparatively low and some competitors are already cutting their model”, added he.

It is unclear, however, what will happen to BMW’s future supercar, which was claimed to be part of the 9-Series family. It is said to be available in the market in 2023, with a power of around 700 hp under the hood. That is, it will be even more powerful than the future BMW M8.

According to the latest information, such a car will have, and since it will be a hybrid drive, it will become part of BMW’s family. There he will take the i8 seat as the Bavarian brand supercar.

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