BMW 4-Series gets a soft roof

BMW 4-Series

The new BMW 4-Series convertible is under development and is very different from what we know. The most significant change in the new BMW 4-Series Convertible to the current model will be the inclusion of a foldable soft roof, unlike the solid one.

Not only does the folding soft roof be easier and cheaper to manufacture, but it will also be much less weighty. This is very important because the folding mechanism of the current M4 Convertible adds 229 kilos to the body. In addition to all these benefits, the folding soft roof will improve the luggage space.

BMW claims the premiere of the new generation 4-Series will be in 2020. The 4-Series Coupe is known as G23, while the 4-Series Convertible will be called the G22.

The new 4-car will look a lot like the new 3-Series. As a result, there will be an elegant new front and rear bumper with different lights to make the car even more impressive. According to the photos, there is a chance that the front grille, inspired by the new Z4, will find its way in front of the upgraded 4-Series.

Not surprisingly, the new model will be sold with multiple 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines. For the first time, there will also be a hybrid version of the passenger compartment, offered as an alternative to the Tesla Model 3.

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