Audi increases sales of A4

Audi A4

For the first nine months of the year, Audi has significantly increased sales of its A4 sedan on the market. This is clear from a report published on the official website of the German manufacturer.

According to the information provided only in September, the dealers of the brand have sold more than 17,300 models in Europe, which is 21.3% more than the same result in 2015. In the US, sales growth is even more serious, exceeding 40%.

The facelift of the A3 is well presented. In September, 21,500 units were sold to the Old Continent, an increase of 26.4%. Audi A3 and A4 are the main drivers for the steady growth of brand results in Europe.

Overall, since the beginning of the year, the company has sold 657,100 new cars on the continent. In September, the largest increase was recorded in the French market – 16.2%. Followed by the UK with 8.5%, Italy with 6.7% and Spain with 5.5%. The reverse pole is Turkey – a decline of 16.4% and Russia, where the decrease is by 38.6%.

In the United States, sales have also increased, but negligible. For September, the result is 17,617, which represents a 1.6% growth. In the Asia-Pacific region, the increase is 2.2% to 62,200 units in the months.

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